My name is Zach. I’ve been a creator/entrepreneur for as long as I can remember.  Attorney/Co-founder of Pushlocal.

When I was about 6, my brother and sister and I used to make these magazines that we would then xerox and try to sell.  One was called “Animals on the Farm” and another was “Creatures from Outer Space”.  I think my Mom would help us draw them.  We didn’t sell a single one that I can remember.

In high school, I learned to program on the TI-81 calculator.  I would make turn-based text games where you would battle creatures in the forest, collect gold, and gain levels.  I got more sophisticated and figured out how to make a pixel move around on a map.

In college, I created and sold a sophisticated Excel program that would pull sports stats from the internet, analyze them, and spit out a predicted winner between two teams.  I also started building coffee tables and book cases.

I have identified two separate emotions associated with this behavior:

  • Creation as an end in itself.  It pleases me to no end to take unformed material and create something useful that wasn’t there before.
  • Creation as a means to affect the world.  I really enjoy the possibility that something I create can be used and loved by others.

As long as I’m living, I’ll be creating, and this blog is my creative outlet for that.





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